Dominator Probes Are a type of Dominator-Bot. They were seen in "The Bot".


The most famous Dominator Probes seen in series is Bot 13 (named "Beep boop" by Wander). In episode "The Bot" he is sent by Dominator to get a substance called Volcanium X, that she could use in her plans of galactic destruction. When Beep Boop finds a planet with tons of said substance he goes there, but hits Wander's kite, causing him to crash. Wander helps him and spotts Volcanium X at a carnival game, so he tried to get it, but couldn't, resulting in him staying damaged. Later, when they are sitting on a dock together, they are spotted by Sylvia, who was very upset when she found out Wander had won him the Volcanium. He flew back to Dominator and showed her the planet. Dominator is very proud and asks for the coordinates, but he realizes that Wander was right. He refuses to show her the coordinates, and deletes the planet info, and Dominator was very upset. He was beaten up by Dominator, who sent him into space. While flying, he pulls out the pictures him and Wander took earlier, and desintingrates. His last words were, "I am Beep Boop." He is last seen when he appears as a shooting star near the planet Wander and Sylvia were on. The pictures are then seen floating through space.

Another Dominator-Probe seen is "Bot 42" at the beginning of same episode, who were disintrigated by Dominator because he falled in get Volcanium X.

Notable members

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