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S2e1 Wander and Sylvia surrounded by Lord Dominator's minions
Species: Magma robots
Gender: Genderless
Professional Information
  Lord Dominator
Friends and Family
Lord Dominator
Lord Hater
Commander Peepers
Emperor Awesome
Sir Brad Starlight
Physical Information
Orb-shaped drones with four limbs and seemingly made of magma
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Greater Hater"
Voiced by:
Keith Ferguson

"No mother. Only Dominator."
— A Dominator-Bot in "The Hot Shot"

The "Dominator-Bots", also known as "Dom-Bots" are the minions of Lord Dominator who aid her in her quest to destroy the galaxy.

Function and Abilities[]

Dominator-Bots are cold, calculating, and obedient. They never travel alone, but don't have a mind link (as seen with Bot 13). They serve Dominator tirelessly and without question. However, they can still take executive action and can have an opinion.

All Bots are equipped with blasters. Supposedly, they can all also apply special handcuffs to their targets. The thing that makes them dangerous is the ability to regenerate. If a Bot gets damaged, it will repair itself using magma Dominator got from destroying planets. However, if they are completely destroyed or damaged too much, regenerating won't occur. When one gets light damage, it's personality may change, but it will change back if it gets repaired.

The Dom-Bot advisement system always ends with "suggested course of action" and then the suggestion. If it involves conquering a planet, the suggestion is either "dominate" or "don't dominate." A bot's opinion isn't always a good one.

Comparisons to Watchdogs[]

Dominator-Bots are faster, stronger, and better equipped than Watchdogs. Dom-Bots also aren't affected by fear, and they can't get a "crack" in their armor, but have no adrenaline rush. There seems to be no emotional connection between the Bots and their master, and their better judgement has no say in their actions. However, the only edge the Bots have over the Watchdogs is the ability to regenerate. Otherwise, the Watchdogs outnumber and outmaneuver them easily as seen in The End of the Galaxy.



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The Pawn-type Dominator-Bots look like black orbs, with a single "eye" and red crack-like lines protruding from it. They also have four limb-like appendages that go form black, to red, to light orange in the form of magma. Pawns are all equipped with blasters that form at the top of their heads, but can also produce arms to apprehend prisoners. They usually overpower their foes through sheer numbers.


Боты (скриншот персонажа)

The Knight-type Dominator-Bots are much larger and far more dangerous than the Pawn-types. They have numerous spikes (and some stumps) protruding from their main bodies, their "eyes" are shaped like Vs, and they possess three appendages with thin legs and large, elephant-like feet. Each Knight can generate three blasters from the top and both sides of its head, which are more powerful than the Pawns', and can also produce other weapons such as swords and axes.


Dominator Probes are built not for combat, but solely for searching out potential targets for Lord Dominator. They appear as floating cameras with red scopes and arms underneath their bodies.


Background information[]

  • Dominator-Bots seem to resemble Lord Hater's Watchdogs, specifically in that they are diminutive "one-eyed" creatures with a red and black color scheme.
  • The Pawn-type Dominator-Bots heavily resemble Roggenrola.