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The Disney Channel idents are show bumpers that promote The Disney Channel with their brand logo. Starting in February 2014, part of the show rotation includes Wander Over Yonder, with new animation made specifically for them.

List of Indents

Wander Dancing

Wander dances around Lord Hater for several seconds, while Lord Hater is beyond annoyed. After four loops, the Disney Channel logo is superimposed over Lord Hater, and Wander dances around that.

Lord Hater Watches TV

Lord Hater marches past his Watchdog army into a door which closes. Later, he is seen in his bedroom where he looks around for a moment, then eagerly presses a remote which turns on the TV, which shows the Disney Channel logo over a live action scene.

Wander and Sylvia Stargazing

Wander and Sylvia are resting atop the planet they were napping on in "The Prisoner". Wander lies in Sylvia's back in his hat, pointing at the stars while repeatedly saying "Been there" and "Gotta go there" over and over. Toward the end, the scene zooms out, showing the Disney Channel logo in a constellation, which resolves into the actual logo.

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