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A carrot hanging on Fleeblebort's branch.
First Appearance:
  "The Good Deed"

"Carrots" are root vegetables in real life, which are usually orange in color, although there are variations in: purple, red, white and yellow. They are commonly used as food, and are an ingredient in carrot juice.

Physical Appearance

The average carrot has a horn-like shape, which is also It's taproot. On the other end of the vegetable are usually three greens of varying length, though they're usually long.

Consumption in species

Hufflerumples are known to have a great liking of carrots, and the ones owned by Fleeblebort would not move without their carrot. They even left him once they realized that they could be brought on stores.

A Bunny was seen eating the carrot from Fleeblebort's branch, but carrots, and root vegetables in general, are not good for a rabbit.

Zbornaks also apparently have the ability to eat carrots, as shown by Sylvia when Brad gave her one. It's unknown if the rest of the Zbornaks like them, but Sylvia showed animosity at being fed one, though it most likely was because she was being used as Brad's horse at the time.


  • "The Good Deed" (First appearance)
  • "The Hero"

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