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S1e12b Almost forgot something
Species: Centipede
Gender: Female
Friends and Family
Physical Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Night"
Voiced by:
April Winchell

Carol is a centipede girl seen in "The Night". She follows her friends in order to go to a party, but she goes back a few times since she forgot about something.

Physical Appearance[]

She looks like the other centipedes.


She loves parties and is rather forgetful, since she forgot two things on her way for the party. She herself jokingly noticed by saying "Oh, Carol, I swear, you'd forget your own deadly, venom sac if it wasn't attached to your thorax."


  • Carol is the fourth guest character voiced by April Winchell. The first one was Rock Lady.


  • "The Night" (First appearance) (Last appearance)