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The Swap

Lord Hater: HAHAHAHAHA! I’ve Finally Got You Wander!

Wander: Wow! It’s Pretty Neat!


Wander: So, What Are We Gonna Do?

Lord Hater: So I’m Gonna Make A Swap, We’re Both Gonna Do It!

Commander Peepers: Are You Sure About This Sir?

Sylvia: Wander, I Want You To Promise Me, You Can Do It Okay?

Wander: But Sylvia I Don’t Know What The Thing Is Gonna Be Like When Our Lives Are Switched!

Lord Hater: Just Switch It Peepers!

Commander Peepers: Okay Sir, I’m Not Sure What It’s Going To Look Like While You And Wander’s Lives Are Switched.…

Lord Hater: Oh, You’ll Be Fine Peepers!

Commander Peepers: Okay, I Hope You’re Ready Guys.…


Wander (In Hater’s Body): Wow, What Happened?

Lord Hater (In Wander’s Body): Wow, I’m In The W…

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Tress MacNeil *Season 3*

Tress MacNeil Is An Upcoming Cast Member Of Wander Over Yonder

She Portrays Many Characters From Disney And She Also Provides The Voice Of Dot Warner Of Animatics

And She Also Provides Many More Voices From Shows

She Will Voice Melody *Wander’s Sister* In Wander Over Yonder

And Additional Voices

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Wander Over Yonder: The Movie

Greetings Everyone, I’m WanderOverYonderAnimates2000 And This Is The Prediction Of The Movie Here’s The Cast Before We Get Started To The Movie

Main Cast:

Jack McBrayer As Wander, Additional Voices

April Winchell As Sylvia, Additional Voices

Keith Ferguson As Lord Hater, Additional Voices

Tom Kenny As Commander Peepers, Additional Voices

Tara Strong As Commander Stella, Additional Voices

Sam Riegel As Assistant Commander Jeepers, Emperor Awesome, Additional Voices

Kari Wahlgren As Operator Lily, Additional Voices

Noel Wells As Dominator, Additional Voices

Grey Griffin As Lord Emery, Additional Voices

Tress MacNeil As Melody, Additional Voices

Carlos Alazraqui As Jackson, Additional Voices

Fred Tatasciore As Dominator *Masked*, Additional Voices

Now, Let…

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New Wander Over Yonder Season

Plot: When A Fuzzy Group Of Aliens Accidentally Discover A True Evil Of Lord Hater, Peepers, And Jeepers

They Noticed Something Weird Was Going On And A New Hero Arrived And Heroine Watchdogs Chanting *EMMA’S GREAT BEST HERO!*

And Commander Stella And Operator Lily Introduces Them To Lord Emery And They Struggle To Defeat Lord Hater And Peepers And Jeepers

Wander, Sylvia, Melody And Jackson Come To Save The Day But They Have Plans To How To Stop Villains, Plan 1: They Try Using The Punching Bag To Try To Practice How Are They Gonna Stop Hater, Peepers And Jeepers, While Wander Holds The Punching Bag He Wonders Off Causing To Hit Sylvia Accidentally After Wondering Off, Plan 2: They Try Using A Plush Version Of The Villains To Fight Them But S…

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Commander Stella *Fixed*

Commander Stella Is One Of The Upcoming Main Antagonist Characters For Season 3 And 4

She Is Lily’s Best Friend And Lord Emery’s Right Hand Girl And The Leader Of The Heroine Watchdogs

  • Commander Peepers: She Appears To Be Rivals With Peepers Competing Each Other For The Greatest In The Galaxy Hero Vs Villain In Season 3
  • Wander: She Thinks Wander As A Hero When He Saves The Day With Any Villain Danger When She And Her Friends Struggle To Fight
  • Operator Lily: She Accepts Her As A Best Friend And She Can Always Count On Her For Helping Her With Her Missions
  • Assistant Commander Jeepers: Her And His Exact Relationship Is Unknown, She Assumes To Be Rivals With Him As Well As Peepers
  • Melody, Sylvia And Jackson: She Can Always Count On Them And Wander …

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Commander Stella

, Ms. Stellar, Miss SassyPants, Stellar, Species: Watchdog, Gender: Female, Hair Color: Dark Brown, Clothing Style Color: Black Uniform With Purple Lighting With Purple Gloves And Shoes, Helmet With Yellow Lighting On Top, Eye Color: Purple With Black Pupil With Eyelashes, Body Color: Pink, Friends: Wander, Sylvia, Melody, Jackson, Operator Lily *Best Friend*, Heroine Watchdogs, Lord Emery, Enemies: Lord Hater, Commander Peepers, Villain Watchdogs, Lord Dominator, Lord Skylight, Voiced By: Tara Strong]]Category: Characters Voice By Tara Strong, Main Characters, Upcoming

She Will Appear In Season 3 And 4 In Wander Over Yonder, It Is Possible She Will Appear In Season 5 Her Voice Actor Tara Strong Will Do Similar Voice Acting To Timmy Turner …

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Spogebobsuperfunfan Spogebobsuperfunfan 16 December 2023

Episode Ideas

These are my season 3 episode ideas, Which all aired in 2018. There are are 20 episodes, four of which are specials.

  • 1 1a-1b The Space Monkey
  • 2 2. The Fairytales
  • 3 3. The Magic
  • 4 4. The Royalty
  • 5 5a-5b. The Krebbles
  • 6 6. The Similar Friends
  • 7 7. The Prank Day
  • 8 8. The Classics
  • 9 9. The Temporary Sidekick
  • 10 10a-10b. The Team-Up!
  • 11 11. The Catchphrase
  • 12 12. The Separation
  • 13 13. The Stain
  • 14 14. The Double Date
  • 15 15. The Whole Picture
  • 16 16, The New Hobby
  • 17 17. The Sports Game
  • 18 18. The Bug
  • 19 19a-19b The Epic Fight! part 1
  • 20 20a-20b The Epic Fight! part 2

(22 minute special) We learn about lord haters past and how his past is connected to the space monkey that we saw in the end credits of “The end of the galaxy” and how he’s related to hater. And that the space monkey is…Wa…

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Mai sentry Mai sentry 15 April 2020

Stop vandalizing the wiki you assholes

It's not funny

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PixieSphere PixieSphere 17 January 2019

uh hello there

  • coughs*

you may have known me as the newbie WolfWarrior123/ToyBonnieSenpai or the somewhat isolated DropPopFantasy

but y'all i have a new phase in life. 

so here we go! my name is mackenzie (kenz/kenzie) and i am now a pansexual demigirl.

i just barely came back to my two first fandoms: wander over yonder and fnaf (unfortunately)

and i just feel like it's a bad time,, cuz,, its so ISOLATED

anyyywaaayssss, how are you all lately. im doing quite fine!

lily: hey, kenz, are you gonna talk about me?

oh yeah right,,

everyone,, remember inky? that stupid "sona" i made for woy?

well she is lily now and she has a better personality now,, 

shes a slug monster now who works at a artistic store and literally can't draw good,, 

thats all,, and remember those crin…

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Morgan Gam Morgan Gam 25 November 2018

season 1/2 review

34 good epiosodes

4 okay eposodes

1 bad epiosode

season 2 review

48 good epiosodes 

2 okay epiosodes 0 bad epiosodes

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Woybff Woybff 5 April 2018

Woybff And The Galaxy:The Movie

I wrote all the acts on WATG wiki. I have improved as an writer so much since the show. I re-read my work. If you recall, the first few seasons of WATG was when my writing was crap. I have improved a lot, so now my writing is acceptable. If you have any question about anything, feel free to ask in the comments (this post or on the WATG wiki).

Woybff And The Galaxy is a WOY fanfiction centered around Woybff (aka me), Sunil (An Littlest Pet Shop character), Wander and Sylvia. In Season 5 Woybff becomes the princess of WOY but loses her crown in Season 20. In the movie, Woybff tries to get back her royal. With the help of other characters outside of the WOY Universe (aka other shows, comics series, and online friends).

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4

Act 5 …

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AAAAA11111BBBBB AAAAA11111BBBBB 28 March 2018

It's been a long time here

Hello, if you don't remember me then honestly I don't care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

But it has been 3000 years since I used this account on my ancient, now dead iPad 1. And when I back, there's no much change to be spotted. Except Woybff, where is he?

And yes, I still LOVE Wander Over Yonder. It just that it sit on the back on my head so long that it had gathered so much dust and rarely be touched. I still ship Wander and Sylvia and It is the only ship I had, right now.

I probably be making a new account or just rename this ancient account and go a fresh start. Wikia is a amazing website for information that I need in a matter of second. Time to start cleaning.

Also, i have no idea why i have to type this "blog" to this wiki, like no one is going to read this …

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Mai sentry Mai sentry 27 January 2018

Future of the Wiki

Let's face it, the wiki isn't looking too well. What should we do to ensure the future of the wiki?

I've talked to wikia staff and they said they would consider adoption of the wiki. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Mai sentry Mai sentry 20 January 2018

If you die in the game you die in real life

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Riverdale Chauffeur Riverdale Chauffeur 12 June 2018

Wiki Adoption

Let's face it. This wiki is slowly dying. This is why I propse we choose someone to adopt this wiki. Both administrators are currently inactive as well (yes I know one edited a few months ago, but before that, the administrator hadn't edited in a relatively long time). The reason this wiki really needs administrators (or bureaucrats) is that there are a growing number of vandals joining the wiki. This issue is a problem because the "Candidates for deletion" category has way too many pages. Also, someone active needs to block any vandals to ensure this wiki is not reduced to spam. This is what I believe, and I hope you do too.

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VoidMV VoidMV 18 November 2017

Alliance of Six

Hey, i'm an admin from the Craig of the Creek wiki, and we would like to join yoir six-wiki alliance (or, as I call it, the Alliance of Six) Of course, if we joined thevaloiance would become the Alliance of Seven! Some administrators, or representatives from those wikis, 1 representative from each wiki to be exact, will immediately obtain administrative roles from our joining in the alliance. Thank you in advance.

Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson

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Idol Heroine Champion Idol Heroine Champion 22 October 2017

Pop Stars Over Yonder!

There will be solos, duets, trios, and quartets!

  • 1 Solos
  • 2 Duets
  • 3 Trios
  • 4 Quartets

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Idol Heroine Champion Idol Heroine Champion 15 October 2017

Wander Over Yonder Duets Album

I'm making a duets album from Wander Over Yonder. 

Can you post what they should be like, what they should be called, and what they should be sung by.

(They should be sung by 2 characters.)

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Woybff Woybff 6 October 2017

Woybff and the Bands Ep.4

This episode has been banned for underage content, even if WATB is for +13. Ruth and Hikari by Idol Heroine Champion.

(Woybff, Ruth and Zora are playing Truth or Dare at Strong Bad's house in the basement.)

Woybff: (to Zora) Truth or dare?


Woybff:What is your favorite ablum from The Apples In Stereo?

Zora:Travellers in Space and Time. (turns to Ruth) Truth or dare?


Zora:I dare you to go to IKEA.

Ruth:Okay. *calls for Hikari and leaves*

Woybff:Zora, did you know that Velocity of Sound is gonna be fifteen Sunday?

Zora:Oh, I forgot about that.

  • comes back a few hours later*

Ruth:Truth or dare?

Woybff:Which one of us?


Zora:I'm feeling lucky, how about dare.

Ruth:You both have to screw Homestar.

Woybff:What the crap.

Zora:He's my…

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Woybff Woybff 23 September 2017

Woybff and the Bands Ep.3

Woybff:*sitting in a wagon*

Sunil:Friend, please get out of the wagon.

Woybff:I need to be here for what I've done. I made everything toxic.

Sunil:You are better than Hasbro, get up my sweet heart. You still got me.

Woybff:Okay, fren. *gets out of wagon* I want to hurt myself so bad.

Sunil:*face palms* Zora, call Homestar or Peri! I don't care which.


Sunil:Woybff feels bad.

Woybff:Fren, I'm sorry.

Sunil:It's not your fault. It's hers.

(Holding On To You by Twenty One Pilots plays)

Woybff:*trying to get away*

Sunil:*holds on to her leg*

Woybff:*walks closer to the kitchen*

Sunil:*Uses a spell to summon Homestar but Vinnie appears instead*

Vinnie:Hi Sunil, I haven't seen you in so long.

Sunil:Call for Strong Bad. This is too much for me.


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Woybff Woybff 14 September 2017

Woybff and the Bands Ep.1-2

If you wish for me to post the new series on the Woybff and the Galaxy wiki then I will. Here is a poll on Google+, if you wish to change that.

Woybff (wearing red shirt and tan shorts):*sitting by Strong Sad*

Sunil:What are they doing?

Strong Bad:Being sad. Woybff's depressed because Wander lifted her, I don't know about Strong Sad's deal is.

Strong Sad:I'm sad with her because no one else will. Zora is listening to They Might Be Giants as I speak.

Zora:It was pretty good.

Woybff:Flood is a good album.

Sunil:I hate seeing you sad. We need to give you joy.

Homestar:*walks in* Hi guys.

Sunil:You got any ideas, Homestar?

Homestar:Uh...Strong Sad vores someone...

Strong Sad:No!

Sunil:Come on, guys. Something! Anything!

Zora:We listen to The Apples in Ster…

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Idol Heroine Champion Idol Heroine Champion 6 September 2017

My OCs!!!!!!

  • 1 Star Nomads
  • 2 Zbornaks
  • 3 Skeletons
  • 4 Watchdogs

(NOTE: The nomads attend middle school and are English)

Ruth - A female pink star nomad who wants to be friends with everyone.

Melissa - A female yellow star nomad who likes bees.

Naomi - A female purple star nomad.

Stella - A female navy star nomad who likes stars

Chloe - A female green star nomad who likes flowers.

Matilda - A female red star nomad who likes to fight.

Ally - A female orange star nomad who wants to be everyone's partner.

Hannah - A female maroon star nomad who is the smartest of the OCs.

Hailey - A female cream yellow star nomad who likes hay.

(NOTE: The zbornaks are high school students and are Japanese)

Hikari (光) - A female yellow zbornak who is Ruth's partner.

Chou (蝶) - A female black zbo…

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Woybff Woybff 26 August 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.465 and 466 Season 22

Wander:I got you a gift.

Andrea:What is it?

Wander:*reaches it out of his hat* A lovely star pin for you. *gives it to her*

Andrea:Thank you.

Wander:*looks into the sky* *sings She Had The World*

Andrea:Was that song about me?

Wander:*turns back* No, Woybff.

Andrea:I know she really loved you, Wander. I'm sorry I got in between that.

Wander:No, I'm sorry I got jealous of Homestar.

Andrea:You got jealous of Homestar?

Wander:Yeah. I knew Wander was gonna let go at on point. I never imaged it would be when she was before she was an adult. I wonder how's she doin'.

Andrea:Wander, her parents and brother died.


Andrea:I don't know.

Strong Bad:*enters into the basement* Strong Sad, why are you crying?

Strong Sad:Woybff is dying!

Strong Bad:*walks to …

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Woybff Woybff 17 August 2017

Ep.463 The Daddysitter

  • flash back in July*

Sylvia:Woybff! *in tears*

Woybff:SYLVIA! *being dragged off by Zora and Homestar*

Homestar:I'm sorry Woybff, Craig sold the castle to Andrea, or can I call you, Cookie?

  • back to real time*

(Woybff is at school with Sunil.)

Woybff:I miss Sylvia.

Sunil:That's odd.


Sunil:Well, you seem..nevermind. I thought you and Violet were getting along nicely.

Coach Z:*in cries*

Woybff:What's wrong, Coach Z?

Coach Z:Go to the office Woybff when you're finished.

Woybff:Alright them.

Coach Z:*hugs me from my sit* I'm so sorry.

Sunil:Back off Creek!

Coach Z:*walks away*

Woybff:Thanks for the hug, I guess. Sunil, what's your problem?

Sunil:Coach Z is just really creepy, Woybff. I can't help it.

(Later Woybff walks to the office)

Woybff:Coach Z sai…

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Idol Heroine Champion Idol Heroine Champion 20 August 2017

Wander Over Yonder 4th Anniversary

Hey guys! Tomorrow is the 4th anniversary of Wander Over Yonder! I'm so exited! I know it ran from August 16, 2013 to June 27, 2016. I hope you guys are exited too!

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CaptainSilversky CaptainSilversky 25 July 2017

Hiya Folks!

Hiya everyone! I'm really excited to be here and glad to be a part of the community. I'm still new to this whole wiki thing so please feel free to let me know if I'm doing anything wrong or if I'm missing something. Hope to be of assistance,

Yours Truly,


It Never Hurts to Help! (talk) 23:55, July 25, 2017 (UTC) 

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ToyBonnieSenpai ToyBonnieSenpai 11 July 2017

An Update on Smile & Tears!

  • static, shows me on a stool with a script*

Hello everyone I 'm Fre- Dammit, am I into FNaF again...

  • static* 

Hello guys! I am...UGH! 

  • static* 

Hello guys! I am Wolf! Today I am gonna give a little thing on Smile & Tears! So I was just looking at the name of the series and cringed. So....*stands up and throws away the script* I am gonna change the name! So I decided to change it to...

A Adventurer's Fantasy! 

  • sigh* 

Though there isn't too much 'adventure' in the series in the future...I just randomly made the name while searching for a few icons. :p 

  • cough*

I know, I know...I changed the name after that cringy Christmas special which was technically the first episode...But "Smile And Tears" is an Earthbound song..so....:p 

Thats all! Hope you enjoy yo…

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Woybff Woybff 30 June 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.462 and 463 Season 22

Woybff:I want to die, Zora.

Zora:Cookie? Uh...we need to take you to Bubs.

Woybff:Zora, Bubs isn't a doctor.

Zora:Oh yeah. Well look at yourself, you aren't the WOY fan you first new. You are a different person. This must be some disorder.


Zora:How about we get a doctor over-


Zora:Please Woybff. It's only to make you well.

Woybff:No. I'm scared to go.

Zora:I wasn't going to come to this but I have to. Hey Moonbeam!

Moonbeam:*walks in* Yes.

Zora:I'll give you twenty bucks if you murder Homestar.

Woybff:Fine I'll go.

Zora:Never mind.

(at some doctor's office)

Woybff:Why did you do that?

Zora:For your own good.

Woybff:I hate that you did that.

Zora:I hate that you're sad and depressed.

Woybff:I hate that too.

Zora:I hate that your older. …

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Woybff Woybff 17 June 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.460 and 461

Woybff:*walks up to a stage* *looks nervous* Hello, my name is Cookie Luna Stars, but views like you called me by Woybff because of a drunk man. It didn't mean something back then. It did mean something in 2013, I created a understanding with my name. It was Wander Over Yonder's Biggest Fan Forever. I had everything in 2015. A castle, a good foster mom, a great friend, and a prince of my dreams. Well I still have the castle and my great friend.

Sunil:(in the audience) I'm the great friend.

Marzipan: *whispers* Shut up, Sunil. We all know that.

Woybff:In 2016 my title was taken away from me. *tears roll down her face* A girl stole my prince, my foster mom, and my love in Craig. Ever since I have been broken. I loved other boy, I loved another …

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Woybff Woybff 16 June 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.459 Season 21

Woybff:*crying in her room*


Strong Bad:She still crying?


Strong Bad:Well crap, we need to find a way to make Woybff happy without canceling this show.

Wander:*walks in*

Sunil:Wander's here-

Woybff:*runs downstairs*

Strong Bad:Isn't Homestar enough?

Sunil:She just wants control again. Like in 2013. She was the biggest fan.

Strong Bad:Well isn't she Hrbff now?

Sunil:That name doesn't roll off the tongue like Woybff. Still Homestar Cookie will be better. She likes being called Woybff.

Woybff:Take me back please.

Wander:No Woybff.


Wander:No means no.

Woybff:Come on, Wander. I want to rule our land together.

Wander:And I said no. You were the biggest fan for almost three years now stop asking me.

Woybff:Please love again.


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Woybff Woybff 15 June 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.458 Season 21

Zora:*sits on a couch* *looks at a photo of Woybff, Sunil, Sylvia, and Wander from Season 5* That girl is dead now!

Sunil:*walks over* I would agree with that statement Zora.

Zora:She's so different from then you described her from when you first met her and when she went to bed.

Sunil:She is dead in my heart, but she isn't in my mind.

Zora:Well I checked on her this morning, and she isn't getting up.

Sunil:Why not?

Zora:She's got a stomach ache and had a nightmare.

Sunil:What was the nightmare?

Zora:She met Twenty One Pilots and they regretted her. She even told Josh her full name.

Sunil:They won't do that.

Zora:99.7% they would accept her.


Zora:I don't want to get sued.

Sunil:True. She would sue you for that.

Zora:I know.

Wander:*walks in wi…

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Woybff Woybff 14 June 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.457 Season 21

Shae Sellers:I can't believe we are getting married.

Woybff:*cries in her room*

Zora:Stop crying!

Woybff:What are you doing here?

Zora:Marzipan wanted me to stay here. Why are you crying?

Woybff:Well I have to go to this crappy wedding.

Zora:I'll go instead. Who is it Violet?

Woybff:Commander Peepers' wedding.

Zora:Alright, I will go.

Woybff:Thanks so much.

Zora:*wears a dress and walks out*

Sylvia:Woybff, you do realize that Zora hates autistics?

Woybff:Well there's not to much I can do that Syl.

Sylvia:Well I'm not going. Who the frap thinks Peepers and I would be a good couple.

Woybff:I do! Just kidding Rainbow Power is totally better.

Sylvia:Thanks Woybff. *almost kisses her*

Homestar:*stands in the way* Sylvia, Woybff says your not her foster daughte…

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Woybff Woybff 13 June 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.456 Season 21

Homestar:I can't believe I get to see Zora again.

Woybff:How did she see out when she was a baby?

Homestar:*laughs at the reference* She was really sweet.

Woybff:Well I can't wait to meet her.

Zora:*knocks on the door*

Woybff:*sings* She's here, she's here, she's finally here.

Homestar:*opens the door*

Zora:Hey Homestar.

Homestar:Hi Zora. Are you happy that I called you.

Zora:Let's not talk about that now.

Woybff:Hello, I'm your long-lost sister, Cookie. You call me, Woybff if you prefer.

Zora:What kinda name is that, Woybff?

Woybff:I was also kidnapped, so the father of the girl that kidnapped me called me "Woybff". It later that a meaning in 2013 when I needed help, like emotional help.

Zora:Are you autistic? I heard that in identical twins that if o…

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Woybff Woybff 3 June 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.455 Season 21

Woybff:This is the place.

Homestar:*rings Dr.Screwball's door bell*

Sunil:What if he tickles us?

Homestar:I don't know.

Woybff:*starts shouting across the road*

Sunil:This again.

Homestar:Hey, it's fine to have a rival.

Woybff:(When will I be forgiven?)

Screwball:Get in.

Woybff:*walks in with Sunil and Homestar behind*

Homestar:(whispers) I'm scared Screwball will tickle my non-canon toes.

Sunil:(whispers) I'm scared too.

Screwball:Sit down.

Woybff:*sits down on a couch with Homestar*

Sunil:*sits in a rocking chair* *rocks*

Screwball:So you came here because I'm the father, you are right. I am the father of Zora Clauncey Jones.

Woybff:Where did Clauncey come from?

Homestar:I picked out the middle name since he couldn't think of the one. I wanted to be sort…

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Woybff Woybff 30 May 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.454 Season 21

Sunil:I'm so glad you and Moonbeam are back.


Sunil:Are you for sure, sane again, Wander?

Wander:I don't want to cut your tummy open.

Sunil:Oh, Craig said no YouTube for a week.

Wander:Probably for the best.

Homestar:Wander, Sunil, are you coming with Woybff, her sister, and I to Marzipan's house?

Sunil:I don't know if it's a good idea, Homestar. I don't want Marzipan to yell at Wander after that night.

Wander:She would hate me for cutting her dad.

Homestar:Oh he just said that for attention.

Wander:Still, she doesn't want a killer in her house.

Homestar:I killed Pom Pom, and I'm comin'.

Wander:I still want to say.

Sunil:Okay. See ya.

Homestar:First, we're gonna go out to eat for Lunch 'cause Marzipan's to lazy to do it herself.


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Woybff Woybff 29 May 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.453 Season 21

Strong Bad:Warning, this episode may scare some fans. This is showing you what today's children could be come if they watch these "family friendly" videos.

Woybff:I promise I wasn't high when I wrote this.

(episode begins)

Woybff:*playing Mario Kart 8 with Apollo, Sunil, and The Cheat*

Sunil:I'm glad that I relieved Violet on Mothers Day.

Apollo:I don't, I hate you, Sunil.

The Cheat:(You hate all of us.)

Wolf:Go Apollo!

Violet:Kids, did I ever tell you Woybff had a twin.

Apollo:No. Are you on crack?

Woybff:I have twin?

Violet:I'm being dead seriously. Some old man took her from the nursery. All because of her name.

Woybff:Was he fat?


Apollo:It was Grandpa,I can't believe Grandpa ate this own grand child.

Violet:I would know if it was your fat…

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Woybff Woybff 25 May 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.452 Season 21

Woybff:*looks in the mirror* *sobs quietly*

Sylvia:It's like I can't make her happy anymore.

Sunil:I'll fix it. I'll be right back. *walks into his room*

Sylvia:Wander, why the crap did you think Andrea better than Woybff?

Wander:*walks, pushing a shopping cart with Peepers by his side*

Peepers:I know we've gone a separate ways from our show's cancellation, but-

Wander:Who said it was your show. It was mine, Syl's, and use to be Woybff's.

Peepers:That's not even her real name.

Wander:I know. Cold ones can create a pretty name.

Peepers:*rolls his eye* I know I've been leaving her in the dust too, but you are- were her favorite.


Peepers:Yeah, Woybff has shifted it to Sylvia.

Wander:She hasn't hurt her as she hurt me.

Peepers:You wore a musta…

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Woybff Woybff 20 May 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.451

Woybff:Gee, I miss Wander, Sylvia.

Sylvia:Well maybe you shouldn't of loved Homestar.

Woybff:Oh, Sylvia.

Sylvia:Well it's true.

Woybff:*walks down stairs* Cilan? Iris?


Woybff:Why am I still called Woybff when I find delight in another man?

Iris:I won't call Homestar a man, Woybff.

Cilan:I don't know. I think you were born with that name.

Woybff:Well that sucks.

Iris:Don't you like your name?

Woybff:No, since you-know-who moved her.

Iris:Oh that's right. The reason why you no longer care for WOY is because someone showed you the joy of Homestar Runner.

Woybff:No, the other on.


Cilan:Maybe I'l ask Harue for your birth certificate. Crap, Harue is in town. The Cheat, came you come here?

The Cheat:*walks to Cilan*

Cilan:*behinds his knees* C…

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Woybff Woybff 7 May 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.450 Season 21

  • 1 The Parodies #4
  • 2 Sunil-Boo (Parody of Scooby-Doo)
  • 3 Woybff and Friends (Parody of TTTE aka Thomas and Friends)
  • 4 Some-kinda Rock (Parody of Fraggle Rock)

Rainbow Strike:*walks in the room* Hey gang, I found this box.

Sylvia:Another mystery I guess.

Strike:Yeah, I can't get it open.

Woybff:I'll try to break it.

Strong Sad:No Woybff, you won't get it open. I don't know how this could similar to the other mystery we are trying to solve.

Sunil:I'll be right back. *walks to the window* *see a man attacking a rabbit* Holy crap! *runs outside to get him*

Screwball:*about to blast Buttercream*

Sunil:*blasts him instead with his magical powers* *tries him up* *drags him into the house* I found Screwball.

Strike:Let's see who he really is. *takes off mask*


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ToyBonnieSenpai ToyBonnieSenpai 27 April 2017

2 Years On This Wiki! ^-^ / 4-26-17 ♥


Today is that very special day...

Today is when I  arrived on here as WolfWarrior123! 

And I came in a FNaF phase...

  • pig squeals*

Anyways, I am so glad that I met you all! So glad! You all have been a big part of my life! I am so happy...so HAPPY! 

That's all I have to say, unfortunately.  :<

But see ya later! 


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Woybff Woybff 23 April 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.449 Season 21

Sunil:Suemail time! (on the computer)

Homestar:*pours Mountain Dew on it*

Sunil:Not my G70, Homestar. What the crap did I do anyway?

Homestar:Woybff is in her room. You weren't a really good friend, so I poured Mountain Dew on your computer.

Sunil:So what did I do wrong?


Sunil:But it's not in your character to cry, Sylvia.

Sylvia:I need to cry for Wander. He's gone now. Also I was going to cry anyway.

Natalite:Can we go look for a legendary item?

Homestar:No, Woybff is dying inside.

Sunil:Homestar just show me.

Homestar:Alright. *walks up to Woybff's room with Sunil*

Sunil:*finds a note by her Baby Einstein DVDs and VHS* "Burn at all cost."

Homestar:Why would she want us to burn those. We can't burn her childhood.

Sunil:Only Strong Bad c…

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Woybff Woybff 22 April 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.448 Season 21

Woybff:*runs out of her room* Good morning, Wander.

Wander:Hey Woybff. What do you want to do today?

Woybff:Nothing with you, Wandie. Today I going on a date with Reynold.

Wander:That's nice sweetie. *walks into the room* *screams out the window*

Sylvia:Wander is everything okay?

Woybff:I'm going downstairs now. *walks downstairs*

Wander:*walks out* Our lil' Woybff is growin' up.

Sylvia:How could you tell?

Wander:She use to not find love in Homestar Runner and loved Fisher Price, but now she loves Homestar Runner and hates Fisher Price like a grop ton.

Sylvia:I have noticed.

Wander:At least I thought she liked Fisher Price.

Sylvia:Wander, there's nothing I can do.


Strong Bad:*runs her* Where's the Bebot? I came here to break it when I heard …

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Woybff Woybff 18 April 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.447 Season 21

Sylvia:The table's set, the dishes are cleaned, and that should be it.

Rainbow Strike:Sylvia?

Sylvia:Yeah Strike?

Strike:What is a The Cheat?

Sylvia:I'm just gonna have to show you the Homestar Runner wiki definition.


Woybff:*hugs Sylvia*

Sylvia:I see you too. I'm not trying to-

Woybff:It's not about that Syl.

Sylvia:Hm? What's the matter?

Woybff:I had a nightmare.


Sylvia:What happened.

Woybff:I was at school. I was punching people, I yelled at Stellar, and I didn't have a shirt on. Also I didn't get eat anything because some idiot dropped my tray.

Strike:But you were in-

Woybff:Nothin' Idk.

Sylvia:Maybe you were role playing as Strong Bad.


Wander:He's here.

Strong Bad and The Cheat:*walk in*

Strong Bad:It's so nice of you,…

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ToyBonnieSenpai ToyBonnieSenpai 12 April 2017

Wolf is Back! :D


I mean...

Hai guys! I am back! If you didn't know, I was threatened on RaeBae Wiki. (I don't even want to know what happened to it...-_-) So I left..and made a new account: TheEmeraldJibanyan404 ! Yep..I like YoKaiWatch..but anyways, I am finally back! 

Thank you for reading this small blog..Bye bye! 


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Woybff Woybff 8 April 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.445

Strong Bad:*knocks on Woybff's door*

Woybff:*hugs him* What the crap happened?

Strong Bad:Well my dear Woybff sadly I had to protect little Amadeus.

Woybff:He's not that little. He's only fourteen.

Strong Bad:I know, but I'm his favorite character. I don't want him to like Dumps or The Cheat more than myself.

Woybff:I know. Come in.

Strong Bad:*walks in with Woybff*

Woybff:While you were gone Sunil and I showed The Cheat a brand new world.

The Cheat:*runs to Strong Bad* *hugs him*

Strong Bad:You showed The Cheat a actual real world?

Sunil:No we showed him Baby Einstein.

Strong Bad:That's not a good idea.

Woybff:He only liked Baby Neptune and Baby Noah.

Sunil:We didn't show him Discovering Shapes or any video in 2006 or after except for Discovery Kits.


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Woybff Woybff 2 April 2017

Woybff the galaxy Ep.445 Season 21

Woybff:Come on guys.

Strong Bad:So it is World Autism Day?

Jubilee Jigsaw:Yes Strong Bad.

Andrea:So this concert it supporting awareness or acceptance?

Woybff:Acceptance I believe. *enters the door with the rest and Homestar* We got the front sits. There's Amadeus.

Jubilee:Who do you know it's him?

Woybff:He's writing a name tag.

Strong Bad:Maybe Edward put it on his son so the other kids won't bully him.

Amadeus:Hello Miss Woybff.

Woybff:You can call me Woybff.

Amadeus:*looks towards Strong Bad* Holy crap it's Strong Bad.

Strong Bad:Yeah dude.

Amadeus:Can you sign my music book?

Strong Bad:Alright. *signs it*

Homestar:Can I sign it too?

Strong Bad:*hands it back to Amadeus* Well it's just that Strong Bad is my favorite.


Amadeus:Thanks Strong …

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Woybff Woybff 25 March 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.444 Season 21


Sunil:Aren't these gray clouds delight?


Sunil:What are you doing Homestar?

Homestar:I'm drawing McDonalds.


Homestar:You'll find out later today.

Sunil:Okay I guess...Oh yeah, Woybff you have important guest.

Woybff:Alright. Wander.


Woybff:Take care of Homestar.

Wander:Yes ma'am.

Woybff and Sunil:*walks out*

Homestar:Why do I need to be watched?

Wander:I guessin' all those recalls.

Sunil:You need to hang out more with Wander. He misses you.

Woybff:I watched with him when were at Violet's Thursday.

Sunil:Oh yeah.

Woybff:So who's this special guest?

Sunil:He's a guy.

Woybff:It is Mike?

Sunil:If it was Mike or Matt I would tell you sweetie.


Sunil:Woybff this is Mister Garrut. Garrut this is Miss Stars…

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Woybff Woybff 12 March 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.443 Season 21

Woybff:*writing in a blue notebook*

Sunil:*leaves the castle* *cries*

Zylon Dragon:*walks in* *gives Woybff some sunglasses*

Woybff:Wot in Sunglassnation.

Zylon Dragon:Well at least you said thing normal.

Woybff:I still don't understand. Why did you give me these sunglasses?

Zylon Dragon:Because...well you know.

Woybff:What do you mean?

Zylon Dragon:*rumbs her head* Well the thing that going to make the next month a little more special for you.

Woybff:That wasn't a great reason to give me these. I would rather have a Baby Einstein DVD or a Homestar Runner DVD. Still it would be a bad reason.

Zylon Dragon:Yeah but everyone likes to laugh at you for being autistic.

Woybff:Well maybe some people, but I bet two people love me.

Zylon Dragon:Wander and Sylv…

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Woybff Woybff 11 March 2017

Woybff and the galaxy Ep.442 Season 21

Homestar:*walks to Sylvia* Hi Sylvia.

Sylvia:(on the couch and drinking coffee) Hi Homestar.

Homestar:Where's Woybff?

Sylvia:She's still in bed.

Homestar:*looks at the clock* That's not normal, she should be up by now Sylvia.

Sylvia:I'll check on her. *walks upstairs* *knocks on Woybff's door* Woybff?

Woybff:Come in.

Sylvia:*walks in* Hi Woybff. Is everything okay?

Woybff:No. Go get me some kinda puke pail.

Sylvia:Alright. *walks down stairs to Homestar* What's a puke pail?

Homestar:Sylvia you don't know what a puke pail is?


Cilan:Basically just a bowl or bucket. Don't you remember that red pail on Blue's Clues?

Sylvia:No it wasn't in the Mattel recall.

Cilan:*gives Sylvia a bowl* I'd hate to see Woybff with the stomach bug.

Homestar:Me too.…

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Woybff Woybff 4 March 2017

Woybff the galaxy Ep.440 and 441 Season 21

Woybff:*wakes up*

Homestar:Happy birthday Woybff

Strong Bad:Yes happy birthday, Love. *carrying his and Homestar's presents*

Woybff:It's so nice to be a teenage again. Not worrying about princess duties while Sunil broke my answering machine.

Homestar:How'd he do that?

Woybff:Someone couldn't stop calling me, and my new teachers requested that I could brake it. I told Sunil to do the honors.

Homestar:Well The Chaps wanted me to inform you that all those people back in Wally wish you a good birthday.

(Woybff at school)

Girl 1:*laughing*

Woybff:(thinks) It's my birthday. Not no should be laughing at me.

Girl 2:Oh hello.


Girl 2:I know what would make you feel better. *hands her a sheet of clowns*

Woybff:*runs away* (thinks/sing) And clown's a m…

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