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Bird family
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The family panicking from the eruption.
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Mother bird.
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Behind the Scenes
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"The Liar"

A "Bird family" was caught during the eruption of Mt. Krackyourbigtoa during "The Liar". Wander and Sylvia spend most of the episode trying to get them out before it erupted.

Physical Appearance

The chicks are completely white in color, with black eyes with a white dot in them, small beaks, light blue tails, with one having a light green tail instead, and purple feet.

The mother has a more detailed design, she has a light blue body with the same black eyes of her children, but with two white spots. Her beak is longer and slightly more crooked, a salmon pink oval on the front of her face, white eyebrows that have the shape of thunder, purple feet and and triangle purple thing on top of her head.

The bodies of the birds are always glowing, with the mother having a light blue glow while her chicks have a white glow.


They formerly lived high on a tree near the edge of a volcano.


The bird mother has shown the ability to shoot lightning from her mouth, which takes a purple color. If it hits the ground, it takes a light blue color.

The chicks don't show any combat or defensive ability whatsoever, so the mother is pretty protective of them.


  • "The Liar" (First appearance)
  • "The Gift"