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Beep Boop (formerly Bot 13) was one of Dominator's probes.


He was first seen at the beginning of "The Bot" when he was sent by Lord Dominator to get a substance called Volcanium X. He finds a planet with tons of it and goes there, but hits Wander's kite, causing him to crash. Wander helped him, and he spotted Volcanium X at a carnival game. He tried to get it, but couldn't, resulting in him staying damaged. Later, when they are sitting on a dock together, they are spotted by Sylvia, who became very upset when she found out Wander had won him the Volcanium X. He flew back to Dominator and showed her the planet. Dominator was very proud and asked for the coordinates, but he realized that Wander was right. He refused to show her the coordinates, and deleted the planet info. Dominator was furious. He was beaten up by Dominator and sent into space. While flying, he pulled out the pictures he and Wander took earlier, and desintingrates. His last words were, "I am Beep Boop." He is last seen when he appears as a shooting star near the planet Wander and Sylvia were on. The pictures are then seen floating through space.


At the beginning of "The Bot", he is evil and obedient like the rest of the Dominator-Bots. But when he met Wander, he began to become a better robot. By the end of the episode, he was a heroic, cheerful robot that sacrificed his life for the vacation planet he was on.

Physical Appearance[]

He looks like all the other Dominator-probes, with a black, oval body, a camera lens for an eye, an antenna for a receiver, and a big orange circle with a number on it. His number is 13.


  • He is the eighth villain to be reformed by Wander. Unfortunately, this ends up costing him his life when he's back on Dominator's ship.
  • He is one of the only characters to die on-screen.