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Bang Bang is an Albanian television network, owned by Digitalb. The channel was launched on July 2004 on terrestrial and December 17, 2004 on satellite. It is paired up with Çufo, as well as the TV channels Junior TV, and the Albanian versions of BabyTV and Disney Channel on the Telekomanda flyBABY remote.

The channel airs Albanian dubs of many TV shows and movies from many companies targated at children, marked specifically towards babies, kids, and teens according to both Bang Bang and Çufo's rating systems. The channel's main dubbing company includes "Jess" Discographic/"AA" Film Company, but N.G.S. Recording still does a few as well.

The channel also has a secondary audio option, but it is never consistent to one language, as they only include the source they could get, be it English or Italian.

Wander Over Yonder

From Bang Bang's 'During August 2016' promo

On July 29, 2016, Bang Bang and Çufo released a promo for their upcoming programs for the next month, Wander Over Yonder being one of them. [1] The show will premiere on August 1, 2016 in Albanian and possibly another language.

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