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A trailer for Season 2 of Wander Over Yonder was shown at SDCC 2015.

Plot Summary



For a full transcript of 2015 San Diego Comic-Con trailer, click here.


  • The trailer features scenes from the following episodes:
    • The Big Finish (close-up of Hater's angry face)
    • The Greater Hater
    • The Breakfast (audio only)
    • The Fremergency Fronfract
    • The Boy Wander
    • The Wanders
    • The Axe
    • The Loose Screw
    • The It
    • The Good Bad Guy
    • The Battle Royale
    • The New Toy
    • The Black Cube
    • The Secret Planet
    • The Bad Hatter
    • The Hole Lotta Nuthin' (unused scene)
    • The Cartoon
    • The Family Reunion
    • My Fair Hatey
    • The Legend
    • The Bad Neighbors
    • The Waste of Time
    • The Search for Captain Tim
    • The Heebie Jeebies